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One of the most rewarding aspects of being a sales manager is helping your team achieve—and exceed—their goals.


winning with relationship selling

Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling

In Person

By mastering a relationship-based selling approach, you can offer your customers value they can’t find on the internet: You!

virtual selling

Virtual Selling: How to Build Relationships Online

Live Online

Learn the differences between in-person and virtual meetings, and the key ingredients to successful virtual selling.

appeal to buyer motives

Appeal to Buyer Motives to Close More Sales

Live Online

This one-hour virtual class will teach you how to gain commitment by closely evaluating buyer perspectives through all phases of the sale.

Better sales figures begin with better salespeople

Having trouble converting leads into sales? Or simply wish you were selling more? It could be a result of today's savvy consumers, but just as likely, it’s your outdated techniques. As the modern consumer has learned how to block out sales, new sales training and techniques have emerged. The good news is we can help create the salespeople of today and tomorrow.

Discover a new era of sales training

When customers have completed 70% of the buying process without engaging with a single salesperson, and can complete most purchases online without EVER interacting with another human being, traditional, transactional sales tactics simply no longer work. That’s why you need to adopt sales training and techniques that are grounded in decades of development yet evolved for the digital age.
Our sales training courses will help you:
Build better relationships
with leads
Create loyalty with your
existing customers
Identify a prospect’s unmet
Better convert leads and
prospects to sales

Sales training for surpassing goals

High-performing salespeople build relationships that lead to sales. Through Dale Carnegie's sales training courses, you'll learn to generate more leads, resulting in increased sales performance. That’s because we understand how enduring relationships lead to loyalty, which creates a lucrative sales pipeline — and that ultimately catapults you over your goals.
“Dale Carnegie Training was the catalyst that got us through some challenging times and allowed our leadership team to focus on common goals that were better understood by nearly everyone. Dale Carnegie Training changed the look and feel of our organization.”
Edward M. D’Alba, PE
President, Urban Engineering, Inc.

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