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Client Focused Sales Training Package

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This subscription package contains the following programs: 1. Appeal to Buyer Motives to Close More Sales (1hr Webinar) 2. Compelling Sales Presentations (3hr Workshop) 3. Cross and Up Selling (3hr Workshop) 4. How to Cold Call and Win New Customers (3hr Workshop) 5. Negotiations - A Human Relations Approach (2hr Workshop) 6. Present to Persuade (1hr Webinar)

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to listen more deeply to clients in order to better understand their needs and build more consultative relationships. You'll become a better presenter, negotiator, and client-focused representative of your organization, finding more effective ways to present your value proposition to existing and new clients.

Why you want to learn it

Build pipeline and deepen client relationships by improving the skills that matter most to you. We've selected the key programs that busy sales professionals need to succeed. The Client-Focused Sales Training package teaches sales professionals how to manage clients and prospects with a can-do attitude that will leave customers saying "yes"!

How it will help you

If you are a sales professional or employee who interacts with clients in a selling or consultative capacity, this package will strengthen your accountability and communication skills so you can better articulate your value proposition and close with confidence.

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02/1/2021 - 02/1/2022
Time: 8:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Duration: One Year Access to Live Online Programs From Date of Purchase

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