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 How To Remember People's Names

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How to Remember People’s Names

By remembering someone’s name, you are helping them and yourself become more confident.  Remembering someone’s name, like smiling, is a simple, no cost way to make a better impression on people and connect with them on a more meaningful level.  It’s another example of a common sense way to be more successful, which isn’t common practice. 

3 Step Process to Remember Things More Clearly

Many people struggle to remember names and write it off as “something that they just aren’t good at.”  Unfortunately, those individuals are selling themselves short because remembering someone’s name isn’t all that hard, yet can have a really powerful impact on the other person.

  • Pictures –  The mind thinks in terms of pictures.  Next time you want to remember something, associate a picture with it.
  • Exaggerate –  The more exaggerated the picture, the easier it is to remember.  Go crazy, the bigger the better, when it comes to building an image for your mind to remember.
  • Linking – Mentally linking pictures maximizes our ability to retain information.  Two things are always better than one, put two images together and lock it in the vault.  When it’s time to recall, it will be easy to access!

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How to Remember People’s Names

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