Inklusion erreichen: durch kulturelles Bewusstsein und kulturelle Kompetenz

Benefit of this White Paper

Echte Inklusion ist wichtig, um nachhaltige Vielfalt zu erreichen. Organisationen verbessern ihre Inklusivität, indem sie ein Umfeld schaffen, das kulturelles Bewusstsein und kulturelle Kompetenz der Mitarbeiter:innen entwickelt.

What You'll Learn With It

Struggling with our own biases is part of what it means to be human, but research suggests that increasing our cultural awareness and cultural competency can help us contribute to a genuinely inclusive environment that supports sustained diversity.

Why You Need It

In addition to being the right thing to do, the tangible benefits of diversity in the workplace are now well-established. Yet diversity can only deliver on its full potential when it exists in a genuinely inclusive environment. Without it, organizations are certain to find retention of diverse talent challenging.

What You'll Do With It

Understanding the mindset and skills that provide the foundation for successful training in support of sustained diversity can help organizations ensure their diversity-focused efforts have the positive effect they intend.
Inklusion erreichen: durch kulturelles Bewusstsein und kulturelle Kompetenz
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