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The New Change Management: Leading Change in a VUCA World

Benefit of this White Paper

Organizations have never had a greater need for people skilled at leading change. Learn the differences between change management and change leadership, keys to developing the capability, and what it means for success in today’s business environment.

What You'll Learn With It

This paper considers examples of and research on leading change, as well as the leadership attitudes, capabilities, and human-centered skills that support effective change leadership.

Why You Need It

In the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world we live in, success is about more than simply managing change; it is about leading teams that welcome chances to incubate, implement, and propagate change.

What You'll Do With It

Developing this important capacity enables leaders to approach change in a constructive way, align people, information, and purpose to drive productive change, and create a team environment that supports the broad acceptance of change that supports greater organizational agility.

The New Change Management: Leading Change in a VUCA World
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