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Dale Carnegie customized training solutions for each of John Deere’s business units, augmenting the coursework with industry specific examples and case studies relevant to the issues that dealers were facing in the field. By the end of the training, Deere’s dealers come away with a changed attitude and a newfound belief in their own abilities.

How They're Succeeding Now

By providing a venue to come together to discuss common issues and ways to improve sales, John Deere and Dale Carnegie Training worked together to help fortify the integrity of Deere’s network, while at the same time strengthening its own bottom line. Dale Carnegie Training’s work has been proven to produce immediate measurable outcomes for John Deere, while ensuring long-term results.


With increased competition in the farming and agriculture industry, John Deere could no longer rely on its reputation to gain revenue, therefore the company decided that it was time to focus on improving the sales skills of employees so that they focused their selling techniques on the value of John Deere’s products and services.


Dale Carnegie Training’s global franchise network mirrored Deere’s decentralized dealership model. Also, its localized learning capability supported the kind of specialized regional training that John Deere was looking for. The trainers, understanding the local agricultural conditions, worked alongside Deere’s territory managers to identify region-specific sales challenges.


At the end of the training, Deere’s dealers came away with a newfound belief in their own abilities to communicate and sell. They are eager to share what they know and are better equipped to engage their customers through learning how to build successful relationships based on trust and respect.

"As a rule, we normally sell about $50,000 to $75,000 worth of equipment during an Open House event. This year, we sold about $350,000 worth of equipment in the same time span."

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