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Many business leaders are struggling to adjust to the new normal of digital disruption, ever-changing workplace norms, and the constant but necessary evolution of our business reality. Success in today’s world is more than managing these changes – it’s about leading teams who are confident and capable of embracing, innovating, and implementing change. View this on-demand webinar: How to Lead Change in a VUCA World, presented by Ercell Charles, Dale Carnegie’s VP of Training, and Mark Fitzmaurice, Managing Partner of Dale Carnegie Northern England.

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You will discover the three strategies for leading change more successfully and understand the attitudes, skills, and capabilities important for leaders today .

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The world is changing at an unprecedented pace – nothing is static, certain, or predictable. The ability to lead an engaged, productive, and adaptable team through adversity is critical for organizations that want to remain relevant and competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment.

What You'll Do With It

Effectively lead teams that are confident and capable of embracing, innovating, and implementing change with a Change Leadership Plan guided by insights from recent research by Dale Carnegie and others.

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