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Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training for Managers course provided managers with a structured process for working with people and developing a personal leadership style. Within one year, 76 employees assumed managerial positions. “They were not new hires, so clearly that’s been beneficial for us,” says Giordano. The course brought together individuals from across the company and placed them in an environment where they were forced to communicate and learn from one another. “It’s because these individuals were at the same table in the Carnegie training class that these business opportunities were discovered. It’s been very profitable for us,” said Tony Giordano.

How They're Succeeding Now

As a result of Dale Carnegie Training, Fred Weber discovered that effective leadership is not about managing as much as it is encouraging an atmosphere of innovation in which employees feel valued and can succeed. With a new generation of leaders at the helm, Weber is once again poised for growth, as it continues its dominance in the marketplace.


Much of Fred Weber’s knowledge base was lost due to employee retirement at a time when the company made major acquisitions to increase its revenues. The new management coming up through the ranks lacked necessary leadership training and skills.


Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training for Managers offered the right balance of team-building, principles-based learning and practical skills development that helped the company achieve a unified managerial vision. Individuals from across the company were placed in an environment where they were forced to communicate and learn from one another.


New innovation projects, not previously considered, revealed opportunities for revenue streams, one of which resulted in cost savings of over $2 million. In a one-year period of intense growth, 76 employees assumed new managerial responsibilities. With a new generation of leaders, Weber is once again poised for growth.

"I can't say enough about what this process has done for our company. Through the formality and structure of the course, we gained the ability to ensure that we were all pursuing common goals. To have the entire organization aligned behind our chairman's vision is powerful and results in outstanding rewards for our employees and our shareholders."

Fred Weber - Tony Giordano, Senior Vice President for Material Services, Fred Weber, Inc.