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Creativity is Social

Benefit of this White Paper

Creativity is on the minds of many forward-looking business leaders today since it provides the essential foundation for innovation. Learn what the research says about ways to enhance it and get ideas for inspiring greater creativity in your own organization.

What You'll Learn With It

Creativity is Social: The Interpersonal Dynamics of Innovation in the Workplace lays out a practical model for encouraging creative ideas and realizing their innovative potential. It is based on secondary research as well as related insights from Dale Carnegie Training’s own work, including our global survey of creativity in the workplace.

Why You Need It

With the constant threat of disruption and the accelerated lifecycles of products and services, companies have to think about problems and business issues in new ways. Maximizing efficiencies is no longer enough for continued growth. Businesses must get creative.

What You'll Do With It

While humans are inherently creative, turning ideas into innovation requires the right kind of supportive environment. Learn about the interpersonal dynamics that encourage people’s creativity and increase the chance that it results in new ways of creating value.
Creativity is Social
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