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Dale Carnegie specialists were brought in to work closely with the Connolly Leadership Team to customize a Presentation Skills course that would address their challenges. “We do a lot of roundtable discussions. Our people don’t stand up in front of 100 people and give a presentation or speech. So, as part of the training, Dale Carnegie had people sit around the table and simulate what one of those meetings would be like. They did a very good job of tailoring the training to address the specific areas in which our employees were lacking.”

How They're Succeeding Now

We’ve enjoyed tremendous success these last three or four years, and Dale Carnegie has been an integral part of that.


“The problem is while these people were highly skilled in their respective areas of expertise; they weren’t prepared to handle tasks that fell outside of their individual scopes”. Thomas Mohs, Director of Operations.


Dale Carnegie Training worked with Connolly to customize a Presentation skills course that would address their specific problem areas. In addition to this training DCT has a leadership development program in place for Connolly.


Results To date, more than 70 Connolly employees have taken Dale Carnegie Training courses. “A one time thing for us”, says Thomas Mohs, Director of Operations “has become a core piece of our training for all of our managers.

"Has the training had an impact on our company? It certainly has, and our 20% growth in revenue and profitability shows it. Our chairman wanted to take us to a new level, and Dale Carnegie Training has helped us achieve that success."

Connolly - Thomas Mohs, Director of Operations, Connolly Consulting