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Building Relationships & Taking Risks with Ginny Clark

Episode Summary

Ginny Clark is the Executive Director of The Sands Family Foundation. She shares her years of wisdom in solving problems and assessing challenging situations. Her experiences of building relationships, and not being afraid to ask for help, have led her to her success today. As a retired executive of Constellation Brands, a Fortune 500 beer, wine, and spirits company, Ginny defines leadership as bringing people together and paying it forward. 

Join us as we dive into Ginny’s leadership advice to take command, build connections, take risks, and support others. 

Episode Notes

Ginny Clark is the Executive Director of The Sands Family Foundation and a retired Executive of Constellation Brands. What helped Ginny grow in her career is understanding the importance of building connections, asking for help when needed, and not being afraid of taking risks. She defines trust, respect, and communication as main requirements for having a team that is centered around success and a culture of support. By bringing people together and paying it forward as a leader, Ginny established the Communications and PR department within Constellation Brands, and rose to the level of SVP of what is now a Fortune 500 beer, wine, and spirits company.

Join us to hear Ginny’s inspirational insights on how to build meaningful relationships, take risks, and surround ourselves with trusted people who can help us grow along the way and excel in in our career.


Show Contributors

Joe Hart, President/CEO, Dale Carnegie & Associates
Ginny Clark, Executive Director of The Sands Family Foundation, and a retired Executive of Constellation Brands

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