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Take Command of Your Success

We help you see yourself in a whole new light, building courage and confidence as we polish the unique strengths that help you achieve more in every part of your life.

Take Command of Your Success

We help you see yourself in a whole new light, building courage and confidence as we polish the unique strengths that help you achieve more in every part of your life.

How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact will help you influence outcomes and create cooperation through diplomatic and tactful communication. As a result, you will appreciate that standing up for yourself, when done effectively, does not offend others; rather it strengthens your professional relationships and enables each of you to achieve positive results.

Learn How To

-Pre-assess the intent of your messages against the outcomes

-Develop flexibility in your communication style

-Use a tried and true method to disagree agreeably 

-Control your “hot buttons” and respond instead of reacting

-Avoid conflict; stay calm and poised under pressure

-Present yourself in a powerful way without being intimidating 

-Deal assertively and diplomatically with difficult situations

-Maintain your composure when criticized

Who Should Attend

Professionals who want to communicate with confidence, credibility, and consideration to create powerful relationships. 

In Getting Rid of the Fear & Horror of Public Speaking, you will take a deep dive into the factors of your fear, assess the source of those fears, and most importantly, overcome those fears so that you not only stop dreading but begin looking forward to presenting with poise and polish!

Learn How To

-Discover what's behind your fear of public speaking

-Leverage your unique style to present with effect

-Learn the 3 Es of Presentation Preparation

-Explore techniques that calm the nerves and control the butterflies 

-Make the first two minutes work for - not against you

-Think on your feet 

-Let your "can-do" attitude shine through 

-Win over your fears and your audience! 

Who Should Attend

People who abhor public speaking and avoid presentations at all costs!

In Public Speaking Mastery, you'll start with the basics like getting to know your audience and planning your speeches. Then you'll be ready to stand and deliver, using your voice, gestures, and ideas to create impactful presentations.

Learn How To

-Assess your own presentation strengths and weaknesses 

-Understand your audience and their expectations

-Research and organize your presentations

-Write a fail-proof outline

-Speak with conviction and confidence

-Use voice techniques and gestures for impact

-Incorporate the element of surprise!

-Use audio-visuals for a compelling presentation

-Handle hecklers!

-Navigate Q&A effectively

-Use your own enthusiasm to capture attention!

Who Should Attend

People with little or no public speaking experience who recognize that public speaking ability is a key ingredient of success in any environment.

Strictly Business: The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar is a unique 3-day experience, where even the best and brightest discover opportunities to grow and improve the skills required to outdistance the competition. Aspiring leaders in all professions learn to connect with people more skillfully and lead organizations to higher levels of productivity.

Learn How To

-Energize your career

-Build confidence and break down belief barriers

-Create an intentional, sustainable future

-Strengthen key relationships

-Resolve conflict and build consensus

-Influence others

-Maintain a positive outlook on challenges and change

-Excel as a communicator

Who Should Attend

People who aspire to become champions in their profession!


Onsite and Customized Learning Experiences

Onsite Training

Is there a program or seminar experience that you would like to bring on-site for your team? Let us know. Dale Carnegie Training can bring any learning experience onsite to your organization so that your team can grow and collaborate together. Contact your local office to learn more about how Dale Carnegie Training can bring its learning experience to you.

Customized Training

Our ISO certified, custom design methodology allows us to develop industry-specific content, field examples, and case studies that fit your organization’s needs to drive high-quality outcomes specific to your team’s performance. Contact your local office to learn more about how Dale Carnegie Training can partner with you to design customized learning solutions for teams and organizations.

“Leadership and communication skills can't really be learned from a book. The course had exceptional facilitation and practical exercises to get us to implement the techniques in our work and life, which is where we get real benefits. I'd highly recommend Dale Carnegie courses for anyone who wants to reach the next level as a leader.”
Otto Dargan, Managing Director, Home Loan Experts
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Central to the modern, blended learning experience is Dale Carnegie’s learning experience platform, eVolve. You will collaborate and learn alongside other participants and engage with trainers on this platform - building skills through experience, social collaboration, practice and application in the real-world. 

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