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Facilitate for Results

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The “Facilitate for Results” content is grounded in the real-world experience of Dale Carnegie facilitation techniques. This is not just academic theory but techniques that have been perfected for over 100 years of delivering training courses worldwide in over 90 countries. With input from certified Dale Carnegie Instructors, corporate trainers can increase engagement, deliver on a more professional level, and utilize techniques to gain cooperation, in order to achieve your corporate goals.

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What You’ll Learn

• Increase facilitator credibility when delivering professional training sessions. • Develop engaging high impact training sessions that are learner centered. • Learn and apply effective techniques to gain participant support and cooperation. • Gain a stronger foundation in best practices for managing participants and engaging learners.

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Why you want to learn it

The Dale Carnegie “Facilitate for Results” focuses on increasing facilitator credibility and effectiveness when delivering professional training sessions. Through modeling of the Dale Carnegie best practices and the latest techniques in facilitation, trainers will gain a strong foundation for delivering powerful training sessions.

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How it will help you

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to: • Deliver training that professionals find interesting and relevant to their work. • Provide an atmosphere of acceptance and approval through feedback • Facilitate participation and engagement in large and small groups • Create measurable impact by linking concepts with participant and organization objectives

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