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Sales Booster Course 2 (1-Day)

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Create explosive sales growth with the sales tips and techniques you'll learn from this interactive sales course.

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What You’ll Learn

At the completion of this course, you will be able to: Overcome buyer hesitation, concerns and objections. Present alternative solutions to build win-win outcomes. Communicate added value to create a competitive advantage. Persuade the client to buy and close the sale.

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Why you want to learn it

The vast majority of salespeople out there are doing it tough because they have had no training. They don’t know, what they don’t know! Sales training is needed for the experienced salesperson, looking to further grow in their profession and for those new to sales, wondering how to make a success of this career path.

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How it will help you

Salespeople should never imagine that technical knowledge or product knowledge is a substitute for professionalism in sales. Salespeople concentrating solely on "hard skills" will fail. Of course technical knowledge is required but importantly, soft skills are the key to getting the client’s agreement to do business.

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