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Building on a Foundation of Trust in the Community - for Law Enforcement Staff

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This program is an 8 hour POST Approved training on Conflict Management and Mediation. The goal of Building a Foundation of Trust in the Community is to develop good will between law enforcement and the community, discourage conflict and encourage cooperation. As we work to master the communication skills necessary in today’s challenging world, you will develop an understanding of each individual’s role in conflict management and how to adapt our approach in different situations.

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What You’ll Learn

Assess listening skills and communicate more confidently

Increase self-awareness

Strengthen relationships

Foster high levels of trust vs. indifference

Learn how to define External Awareness and the value it brings

Analyze your conflict response style

Learn how to identify challenging topics and our role in disagreements

Learn how to practice a process for Disagreeing Agreeably

Project an enthusiastic attitude

Commit to continuous improvement

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Why you want to learn it

In an age of video cameras, social media and the often unpredictable environment peace officers face, it is more crucial than ever for officers to enhance soft skills as they work to build trust, fight crime and keep communities safe.

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How it will help you

Does Dale Carnegie make a difference for peace officers? Leading chiefs say yes. You’ll see the results as you tackle complex challenges that will help you excel in building community relations, manage conflict and gain willing cooperation.

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