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In advanced negotiations you will have the opportunity to practice negotiation techniques in real world scenarios, with on-the-spot coaching, handle pricing objections before they come up, and create side-by-side problem solving rather than confrontation.

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What You’ll Learn

1) Practice executive negotiation techniques in real world scenarios, with on-the-spot coaching 2) Learn executive negotiation skills to gain commitment while building the relationship 3) Handle objections to your message before they come up 4) Create side-by-side problem solving rather than confrontation 5) Reach win-win outcomes

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Why you want to learn it

Executives will learn to identify ideal, realistic and fallback positions for both parties, so they will understand the range of solutions. Executives will learn how to apply and how to respond to classic negotiations tactics.   Finally, they will address four principles to manage reactions, before taking the last steps to finalize a win-win agreement.

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How it will help you

Through facilitator-led exercises, executive group discussions and individual analysis, executives will become significantly more self-aware, and therefore, much more conscious of the wide array of possibilities, strategies and tactics at their disposal.   

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