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ASA - Managing Conflict: Disagree Agreeably in the Field

This workshop is part of the American Subcontractor Association "Leadership Series."
Nothing can destroy productivity, derail projects, and damage your reputation faster than jobsite conflict.
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Whether it smolders just beneath the surface or becomes open warfare, conflict can paralyze your group, department, or the entire organization. And once initiated, the unpleasant task of resolving conflicts falls on your shoulders. Disagreements are not only inevitable but a natural dynamic between people. 

Based on the time-tested principles from "Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age," this program prescribes the best approaches for effectively dealing with conflicts, so you can resolve issues while maintaining positive relationships. In this Live-Online Workshop, you will gain insights into your personality and reactions when dealing with differences of opinion surrounding your “hot buttons.”

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What You’ll Learn

  • Learn to diagnose conflict before it intensifies and then apply appropriate conflict resolution techniques.
  • Learn a variety of strategies for managing conflict
  • Practice expressing yourself in a way that promotes acceptance, agreeable outcomes, and improved productivity

Why you want to learn it

• Find the hidden agenda that’s really fueling the battle
• Encourage collaborative problem solving and gain consensus
• Use the six rules for disagreeing agreeably

How it will help you

On a hot cconstruction site tempers flare easily. For many, the normal reaction is to avoid disagreements to maintain a peaceful work environment. Often avoidance takes the form of a conflict that no one can win. Yet we can gain so much from those with whom we disagree if we can learn to view these situations as learning opportunities, and deal with them in an agreeable and professional way.

Supplemental Resources

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ASA Price

2 Tuesdays, August 17 & 24, 2021

10:30 AM - 12:30PM (EST)

4-hour Workshop


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This course is available year-round for those with a group of 15 or more, please contact Robert for special registration instructions and date options.

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