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Leadership Training for Managers (Live Online)

Price: $1995 USD per person | Duration: 7 session, 2 hours each

How to build a culture of engagement in which team members are confident with their abilities, empowered to succeed, enthusiastic to deliver results, and inspired to make a difference is central to this seven-session Live Online experience. Because the only sustainable, competitive advantage of any corporation is the innovation and creativity of their team members, Leadership Training for Managers (Live Online) focuses on how to engage those team members and maximize their productivity.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn the distinction between personal leadership and organizational leadership. Discover how to effectively communicate goals, develop effective training methods, hold your people accountable, recognize their successes with enthusiasm, and address mistakes with consideration. You will build a culture of engagement, recognizing innovation and human potential.

Why you want to learn it

Accomplished leaders know that engaging their teams is critical to the bottom line. To that end, a study conducted by Dale Carnegie Training and MSW/ASr found that teams that are enthusiastic, inspired, confident, and empowered, those four specific emotions are considerably more likely to be engaged in achieving the corporate goals. This course teaches leaders to develop their teams accordingly, empowering them to positively affect their bottom lines.

How it will help you

This is your opportunity to develop your leadership style, enabling you to grow within your organization. The course will make you proficient in problem solving and decision-making. But most importantly, it will help you to build a cohesive, effective team with members who are eager to meet and exceed your corporate goals!

At the completion of this program, you will be able to:

  1. Discover how experiences, beliefs, and values shape our leadership style, and discover the impact of that style on the organization’s environment and culture
  2. Develop human potential and build relationships of mutual trust and respect
  3. Create and maintain processes and procedures that drive innovation, plan and define performance goals, utilize time effectively, delegate, analyze problems, and make decisions
  4. Develop leadership by demonstrating effective questioning and listening skills: one-onone, in small groups, and leading problem-solving meetings
  5. Balance the desired outcomes of visions and plans with an accurate assessment of actual performance, and hold others accountable to predetermined results
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