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Be the change you want to see in the world.
We will help you with the hard stuff, things that are intimidating or confusing, or holding you back to achieve breakthroughs that build confidence.
About this course

Let’s face the facts. Navigating the complexity of balancing school, work, relationships, and outside social and global worries while at the same time, planning for your future can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. 

Situations can undermine our confidence in a minute. What would you do with more confidence? Stand with others who are being marginalized or bullied? Speak up in class and social situations without sweating bullets? Move around roadblocks or people standing in the way of your goals? 

Everyone is unique and the Dale Carnegie Generation.Next course can help you find your voice. This course helps bridge the gap between the here and now and what’s next. 

Build on confidence and personal leadership competence and intentionally plan for your future.
Strengthen skills in establishing and maintaining relationships which enables you to learn from others and achieve results you could not accomplish alone.
Become a persuasive communicator to excel in school, ace job interviews, and even college applications.
Develop leadership skills to take charge of your life, balance school, work and relationships and make better decisions when faced with difficult choices.
Power yourself to control attitudes and reduce stress so you can be at your optimum best even in a stressful and complex reality.
Who should attend?

High school students

Generally, Generation.Next is scheduled around local school schedules, holidays and breaks.
8 Sessions
3 Days

What You’ll Learn

You are likely thinking “How can this work?” and “I don’t want to spend more time in ‘school’!”  Good news, this is not school as you know it. There are no exams, essays to write, or boring lectures. This will be interactive and activity-based. Participants in Generation. Next are a diverse mixture of high school age, gender expression, and cultural backgrounds, and the environment is very supportive and positive. Everyone is welcome.  You will make new friends. There is no “role-playing”; it is all “real-playing.” There are no made-up scenarios. All the situations are real ones that are happening right now to you and your peers.  


The activities are fun, engaging, and relevant. 

  • To develop more adaptability and flexibility, you will be challenged in an improv environment to think on your feet. 
  • To gain more confidence in speaking up on controversial real-life issues, you will practice a process to try honestly to see things from the other person’s point-of-view and express your opinion in a way that invites conversation versus contention. 


There are numerous social tips on

  • how to remember names
  • how to strike up a conversation with someone you are meeting for the first time, and 
  • how to use storytelling to bridge cultural gaps


At Dale Carnegie, we believe that we learn better when we are having fun and approaching learning at an emotional level as well as a skill level. There are no papers to write and not a lot of reading (there is a little). Show up, join in, and you will be surprised!

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Why you want to learn it

Successful people are not born with the skills needed to excel. Important life skills - building emotional intelligence, developing relationships, managing attitudes, setting and achieving goals, and building confidence - take practice. Although they may seem like common sense, they need to be learned, developed, and mastered. In this course, we move these concepts from common sense to common practice. The lack of skills in any of these areas can cause needless stress. Building on strengths and skills can squeeze out some of the insecurities and help manage the day-to-day ups and downs more effectively.

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How it will help you

Graduates tell us that their new skills have made them increasingly focused on their goals. They feel they make better decisions when faced with difficult choices, and confront problems and challenges more positively. They believe they are more persuasive communicators, prepared to apply to colleges and interview for jobs.



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  • Communication: Practices active listening supported with relevant oral and written information. 
  • Leadership: Drives business results by aligning the vision, mission, and values to enhance business value. Draws upon the unique talents and abilities of others to achieve desired results.
  • Attitude: Maintains a friendly, positive, and enthusiastic outlook.
  • Stress Management: Differentiates between dynamic tension and negative stress, and maintains productive behaviors in difficult situations.
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Dale Carnegie Methodology

The Dale Carnegie® methodology is time-tested with thousands of testimonials attesting that it works. From the very start, on an individual level, you will set stretch goals and with the support of the social learning environment, the ‘in-the-moment’ coaching by the highly trained facilitators, the accountability to commitments, progress will be visible to yourself and others. In the Dale Carnegie® methodology, we focus on building strengths to overpower our weaknesses. We believe that everyone has inherent greatness, and it simply needs to be identified and nurtured.

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