Leadership Training
Leadership Training

Mastering Your Personal Leadership



What You’ll Learn

Build a foundation for success. Recall and use names. Build on memory skills and enhance relationships. Increase self-confidence. Enhance relationships and motivate others. Make your ideas clear. Energize your communications. Approach stress from a different perspective. Gain willing cooperation and commit to influencing others. Disagree agreeably. Develop flexibility. Development of others and ourselves through recognition.

Why you want to learn it

This course is for professionals who seek to maximize their business performance by enhancing their communication skills, strengthening interpersonal relationships and add more value to the organization.

How it will help you

The Mastering Your Personal Leadership Course will power you to move far beyond your comfort zone as you stretch for and attain ambitious new goals. This course will also help you hone your skills using the 5 Drivers of Success (according to Dale Carnegie): Strengthen People Skills, Enhance Communication Skills, Develop Leadership Skills, Reduce Stress and Improve Your Attitude, Build Greater Self-Confidence. Dezvoltarea relațiilor interpersonale. Îmbunătățirea abilităților de comunicare. Dezvoltarea leadership-ului personal. Reducerea stresului & îmbunătățirea atitudinii. Creșterea încrederii în sine.

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