Sales Training
Sales Training

The Smart Path to Negotiation


Your business day is a series of negotiations, and your ability to use integrative negotiating skills can make all the difference in your negotiating success.

What You’ll Learn

You will understand the difference between integrative negotiating and distributive negotiating. You will learn to assess and analyze your current negotiating styles, identify 8 traits of an effective negotiator. During the 2 days program you will acquire skills to deal with emotions during a negotiation, increase your credibility and trustworthiness, apply Dale Carnegie's 12 ways to influence people and recognize 4 basic stages of negotiations

Why you want to learn it

We'll show you how to analyze your own position and recognize what the other side really wants. Learn ways to recognize and overcome ploys and tactics that impede the negotiation, and gain skills that will help you to keep negotiations on track.

How it will help you

Integrative bargaining is a negotiating strategy that is essential to influencing people and facilitating constructive, positive business relationships.

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