Leadership Training
Leadership Training

Winning Leadership: Engage, Align, and Get Results

Live Online

4 Session Seminar. Leadership and management are not necessarily the same thing, but today, those job descriptions are expected out of just one person. In this seminar, you’ll discover the differences between leadership and management, and learn the common elements that will help you to succeed at both. You learn leadership values and work toward creating your own personal style as a leader.

What You’ll Learn

Collaborate online with peers to learn how create an environment of engagement and accountability for teams. Examine work environments, identify current motivation levels, and identify factors and tools to increase engagement. Learn to address team members’ mistakes in a manner that is constructive, not demoralizing.

Why you want to learn it

Apply Human Relations Principles to build effective relationships and commitment levels. You’ll develop a personal leadership goals as well as a team vision that inspires buy-in. Learn how to communicate and execute on your plan by setting achievement and accountability goals.

How it will help you

After opening the lines of communication through trust, you’ll effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to develop and train others. Using a time-honored human relations approach, you’ll handle mistakes and approach challenging situations productively to engage, align, and achieve results!

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