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#CampCarnegie Live Online Summer Camp For Teens!

Teens are stressed, missing friends, and craving stability

#CampCarnegie is a highly engaging and interactive live online summer camp experience for teenagers. Teenagers will have the opportunity to build new friendships, learn proven Dale Carnegie skills that they can use immediately, and feel better about themselves!

  • Practice skills that build self-confidence
  • Feel more positive
  • Learn skills to improve memory
  • Make friends
  • Apply tools to manage stress and anxiety
  • Have fun
  • Appreciate the strengths of others, and be appreciated
  • Gain greater self-purpose
  • Learn to disagree in a respectful and agreeable way
  • Interact with the world’s most enthusiastic certified trainers

How Teens & Parents Benefit

Graduates tell us that their new skills have made them:

  • Happier about their life
  • More focused on achieving goals
  • Stronger communicators
  • More confident decision-makers
  • Able to confront problems in a positive way
  • Better prepared for life’s challenges
Our people skills training courses will help you:
Strengthen relationships
between colleagues
Collaborate amongst team
Gain employee commitment
Drive effective results for
your business

Who Should Attend

Teenagers 15-18 who are craving positive social interaction, structured highly interactive and engaging experiences, and a desire to learn skills that they will be able to use immediately that will help them for life!



Eight 2-hour live online sessions, Monday - Thursday for two consecutive weeks


July 6-16: 8 am - 10am EST

July 6-16: 2 pm - 4pm EST

July 6-16: 6 pm - 8 pm EST

July 20-30: 8 am - 10am EST

July 20-30: 2 pm - 4pm EST

July 20-30: 6 pm - 8 pm EST

Aug 3-13: 8 am - 10am EST

Aug 3-13: 2 pm - 4pm EST

Aug 3-13: 6 pm - 8 pm EST



$995 per teen for 16 hours of direct instruction and social interaction

“It kind of felt like we were in this together.  I was able to talk with friends.”

Edward M. D’Alba, PE
President, Urban Engineering, Inc.

“It ended up being one of the most life-changing things I’ve ever done, which sounds cliché, but it’s totally true.”

Edward M. D’Alba, PE
President, Urban Engineering, Inc.

“I’m out of my shell more, and I can be who I am. It’s so relieving to just be who you are.”

Edward M. D’Alba, PE
President, Urban Engineering, Inc.

#CampCarnegie is an 8-day online camp, held on Monday-Thursday for two consecutive weeks.

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