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The Take Command Experience
Featuring Dale Carnegie’s newest personal leadership book
The Take Command experience is the perfect way to bring your team together around building themselves up both personally and professionally. Let us help your team members Take Command by understanding the concepts necessary to become more confident and resilient. We will work with you to customize this experience for your next team event. 
Have an event coming up? We can customize the Take Command Experience for your organization.
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Engaged. Intentional. In Command.

The TAKE COMMAND Experience

This event is exclusively designed for organizations, departments, or teams who want to become more well-rounded, confident professionals.
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About Take Command
TAKE COMMAND is the modern manual that builds on the principles of stories of How to Win Friends & Influence People, featuring stories from today’s leaders of diverse cultures and ages. Dale Carnegie will help your team use the tools necessary to create breakthroughs for themselves, their relationships, and your organization.
About The Take Command Experience
The TAKE COMMAND experience provides a customizable event format where your team can ask questions and hear a deeper level of meaning from what is covered in the book. All attendees will receive a free copy of TAKE COMMAND at the end of the session.
Join us and get inspired by real-life stories from young global leaders. Learn the 3 ways that you can develop a pathway to success, through intentionality, deeper relationships, and finding your own inner strength.
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Flexible Experience Options

We can customize an experience to enhance any organizational event or conference.
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Designed for teams who can’t all be together but can grow together.
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Plug this event into your conference or retreat. Give your team an inspirational boost and set them on a path of self-improvement.
Participants Investment*
50 $3,000
100 $4,000
500 $10,000

*Actual pricing varies depending on the exact number of participants and level of customization.

Expand and sharpen your skills for a more successful career.

Leadership Development Training Starts Here

Shape the workplace culture
Effective leaders recognize their actions may have both intended and unintended consequences, so they carefully consider the culture that their actions will help shape. They recognize that by creating a positive climate that inspires team members, they influence them to contribute their best.
Help people uncover their blind spots
Great leaders are fully committed to the success of their people and are willing to invest time and energy in them. They intuitively see potential and know how to bring out the best in them. They realize that only by bringing out the greatness in their team members can their team demonstrate high potential.
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Leadership Training Programs for Individuals, Teams, & Organizations

  • We provide practical skills that can be applied immediately, not just theories, buzzwords, fads or “flavors of the month.”

  • We recognize that being a leader means being responsible for more than just yourself, and that is stressful. That’s why we provide actionable tips and best practices to help reduce stress and worry.
  • Rather than trying to have you be someone you’re not, we help bring out your greatness—your authentic self and inner leader.

  • Leaders can’t and shouldn’t try do it all on their own. We deliver the knowledge and skills to help leaders accomplish work through others.

Custom Leadership Solutions

Operating in over 75 countries and in 29 languages Dale Carnegie works with organizations to uncover unique needs that address leadership competency gaps – delivering consistent solutions through our unique training methodology and global trainer network.
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  • High-potential team members being considered for leadership need to develop and exhibit the self-confidence and interpersonal skills that will be essential for success in their new roles.
  • New leaders need help transitioning from doing the work themselves to leading their team. Competencies at this stage of leadership development include using authority appropriately, being self-directed, developing others, and accountability.
  • Experienced leaders achieve success for the organization by working to bring out the greatness in their people. They do this by focusing on “next level” competencies that address the types of challenges they face in their roles: leading people through change, delegation that helps develop the people on their teams, innovation, and more.
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