John Deere
Dale Carnegie customized training solutions for each of John Deere’s business units, augmenting the coursework with industry specific examples and case studies relevant to the issues that dealers were facing in the field. By the end of the training, Deere’s dealers come away with a changed attitude and a newfound belief in their own abilities
Urban Engineers
The Dale Carnegie Leadership Training program was introduced first to the top management of Urban and then to the entire company. Dale Carnegie took an active role with the company and spent a lot of time to get to know the employees, their personalities, and the business.
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Dale Carnegie specialists were brought in to work closely with the Connolly Leadership Team to customize a Presentation Skills course that would address their challenges. “We do a lot of roundtable discussions. Our people don’t stand up in front of 100 people and give a presentation or speech. So, as part of the training, Dale Carnegie had people sit around the table and simulate what one of those meetings would be like. They did a very good job of tailoring the training to address the specific areas in which our employees were lacking.”
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Fabric Architecture
The Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers program was implemented to strengthen management skills, allowing directors to focus on growing the business. In addition, a customized in-house Sales Advantage program equipped the Fabric Architecture team with confidence and a process to present their solutions enthusiastically, influence the conversation and to close more sales. As the change process continued, key people were selected to attend the Dale Carnegie Effective Communications and Human Relations program. This taught them to become masterful at building and strengthening interpersonal relationships, while being able to manage their roles in a fast paced and everchanging workplace.
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Hugh Symons
Hugh Symons’ relationship with Dale Carnegie began with one individual, the Business Manager, Bob Sweetlove. As a result of this initial experience, Sweetlove recognized the value that Dale Carnegie Training could provide Hugh Symons during this time of market correction. He began to require that all managers take Dale Carnegie Training’s Leadership for Team Managers course. According to Sweetlove, the Leadership Training for Managers course gives managers both a set of governing principles and a set of practical tools to make them more successful. “It has given our managers a far better ability to apply management techniques to the real world.”
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With such a competitive marketplace and not much room to maneuver Coburg recognized the need to get the management team working together to cut costs and increase efficiency. Dale Carnegie worked with Coburg to determine objectives and developed a customized solution to fit their needs. “The end result was that everybody agreed that this was exactly what we wanted. Everybody had the feeling that this is not just Dale Carnegie, this is a Dale Carnegie/Coburg management training course”, says Rackley. According to Rackley, the customized training program, developed by DCT for Coburg Dairy is producing very tangible results that are more than justifying its investment.
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Green Mountain
The Dale Carnegie Course provided the cornerstone for an educational strategy, immersing Green Mountain employees in a rigorous time-phased training curriculum that balanced individualized coaching with group training. Self-discovery is a hallmark of the training, and from the very first session, participants are challenged to expand their comfort zones, take risks and deepen their understanding of themselves, their strengths and passions. By developing a more appreciative outlook and positive attitude, participants begin to foster a deeper respect for other people and discover what it takes to collaborate and work with others as part of a team.
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Fred Weber
Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training for Managers course provided managers with a structured process for working with people and developing a personal leadership style. Within one year, 76 employees assumed managerial positions. “They were not new hires, so clearly that’s been beneficial for us,” says Giordano. The course brought together individuals from across the company and placed them in an environment where they were forced to communicate and learn from one another. “It’s because these individuals were at the same table in the Carnegie training class that these business opportunities were discovered. It’s been very profitable for us,” said Tony Giordano.
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