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Our Impact on the Community

We strive for building an inclusive, sustainable, and growth minded foundation for those we impact in the communities we do business in. Our efforts with local youth and community organizations allow us to reach more individuals to prepare them for future success. Our focus on a greener planet is seen through efforts to reduce reliance on paper in the training room and move to a more technology delivered experience, while meeting our customers’ needs through a platform that enables personal development regardless of location.

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Global Day of Giving

7 years ago, with altruism and imagination, we launched the Global Day of Giving Initiative. Since the launch, our network had invested an impressive amount of commitment. Through your efforts, dedication, and teamwork, Dale Carnegie touched and transformed tens of thousands of lives, spanning different continents. Last year, we continued our work delivering sessions at every end of the globe to young adults and children. 



Local Community partnerships

Dale Carnegie of Rochester supports the MOCHA/WOCHA program (Men/Women of Color, Honor and Ambition) where undergraduates of Rochester Institute of Technology are part of an initiative intended to positively impact academic success, increase retention, and develop successful leaders. Young men participate in workshops on business, public speaking, health and interpersonal relationships.



Dale Carnegie eVolve

Greener Impact

Central to the modern blended learning experience is Dale Carnegie eVolve. The simple, elegant user interface integrates digital, live virtual, and live in-person training into a seamless blended learning solution. Our paperless participant and trainer manuals are built into the eVolve platform electronically and accessed 24/7 from any device. Create and sustain performance change through social collaboration, interactive tools, and support from our world class trainers.


Diversity and Inclusion

At Dale Carnegie, we celebrate and respect the inherent value of each individual, appreciating the differences that make us unique. We are committed to a culture that engages, inspires, and supports our customers and team members so that everyone feels comfortable sharing their beliefs, experiences, ideas, and talents. Our diversity makes us a stronger organization and a more enjoyable place to work


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