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How to Cold Call: Creative Strategies to Build Your Pipeline

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This course introduces the will and skill sales professionals need to develop new business through successful cold calling.

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During this interactive course, you’ll work with an experienced instructor to take the stress out of cold calling, improve your hit ratio, and deliver a prosperous value statement. Discover power phrases to gain appointments and gets prospects excited. Be poised and confident when cold calling and appeal to potential buyers’ needs, wants, and interests.

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A sales executive who doesn’t prospect is like fisherman who doesn’t choose his bait. As you’ve probably heard a million times before, prospecting is a numbers game. To win the game you need a strategic approach, an intriguing message, and an engaging attitude. Salespeople need to know how to open the conversation in a way that leads to opportunities.

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Building long-term, positive relationships with clients is a champion sales executive’s end game. But it takes clients in your pipeline, both existing and new prospects, to yield consistent results on your bottom line. This course pulls the curtain back on how to maintain a positive attitude toward cold calling and use language that opens productive sales conversations. Gain the courage, confidence, and skills to win and keep your prospect’s attention.