Why Long-Term Customer Loyalty is Still Driven by Trusted Relationships

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71 % des participants ont déclaré qu'ils préféreraient acheter auprès d'un professionnel des ventes en qui ils avaient totalement confiance qu'auprès d'un autre qui leur proposait un prix inférieur.

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It's all about trust. Learn why trust is critical in the selling process and what attitudes are required by sales professionals to develop trusted business relationships. See how a customer-oriented approach followed by the right communication skills create value for the customer.

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Customers already have an idea of what they need. They don't need to be sold, rather they need a sales professional with the right skill set to guide them through the buying process. A sales professional that informs, delivers value and instills confidence is ultimately one that creates trusted relationships that lead to long-term customer loyalty.

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Get smarter by learning the critical skills and the right sales process for generating more revenues. Build a team that can sell on value rather than on features and price. Start developing more meaningful and lasting professional relationships with your customers.

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