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Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing, Start Leading (Live Online)

The transition from top-performing employees into leadership positions can be difficult as it requires different skillset and mindset to succeed.
Give your emerging leaders and your high potential employees the skills to transition from a high performer into an effective and engaging leader.
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The Dale Carnegie Leadership Model can take your top performers and turn them into your next generation of leaders. Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing, Start Leading is perfect to nest within internal future leader or high potential programs at your organization or within your department.

Wat je zal leren

Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing, Start Leading goes beyond traditional leadership training programs because it focuses on the foundational interpersonal communication skills that are needed to build strong teams and equip new leaders with the right attitudes to step up and take charge.

Waarom je het wil leren

We assume that a high-performance employee can immediately translate to a high-performance leader. The fact is that the skill set and mind set are completely different and the transition can be hard. It’s hard on new leaders because they have to shift from relying on themselves to relying on others for results. It’s hard on the organization because you lose their work output in their prior role and gain a leader who is learning on the job.

Hoe het je zal helpen

This program is specifically designed to address the challenges that new leaders face, to help them change their mindset, and give them confidence with proven strategies and tools that are used by the most successful leaders.


2 x 1.5-hour Awareness & Sustainment Session

  • Awareness Session: Tuesday, 21 September 2021
  • Sustainment Session: Friday, 5 November 2021

Session: 8 x 2-hour sessions

  • September 28th, October 1st, 5th, 8th, 12th, 15th, 26th, 29th.

Delivery Language: English


  Live Online Seminars
  • Multi-session workshops that include a small breakout to practice techniques
  • Skills development with relevant examples
  • Individualized trainer coaching & feedback
  • Deep-dive skills development boot camps


Top 20 Leadership TrainingDale Carnegie is listed as one of the 2021 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies

We are pleased to announce that Dale Carnegie has been selected as a 2021 Leadership Training Top 20 Company by Training Industry!

Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, prepares the Training Industry Top 20 report on critical sectors of the corporate training marketplace to better inform professionals about the best and most innovative providers of training services and technologies.

Selection to the 2021 Training Industry Top 20™ Leadership Training Companies List was based on the following criteria:

  • Breadth and quality of programs/services and audiences served
  • Ability to deliver training in preferred modalities
  • Industry visibility, innovation and impact
  • Strength of clients and geographic reach
  • Company size and growth potential

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