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A rich history and a proven, innovative process has connected Dale Carnegie training to people around the world seeking real transformation and impactful results.


Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie is a master of people skills. Dale Carnegie was born in 1888 in a simple family in the small town of Maryville, Missouri, USA. Initially working on his family's farm, he moved to New York and began teaching communication classes at the YMCA. At 1912, the world-famous Dale Carnegie Course was born. Dale Carnegie went on to become one of the most compelling speakers, a revered business leaders and best-selling authors in the world. His books such as 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' and 'How to Stop Worrying and Start Living' have been translated into 38 languages and sold more than 50 million copies.

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Dale Carnegie recognised that many people, including himself, were held back by their fears, doubts, and the availability of learning resources. Eventually, he would use the Dale Carnegie Course as a forum to offer help to those with a natural fear. Dale Carnegie Training carried on the ideology of Dale Carnegie, and for over a century, we have been improving individual and business performance around the world. While our training techniques continue to evolve, our core principles remain true to a single vision: Real transformation begins within. Our multistep process is designed to get to the heart of what your organization needs. Centered on workforce training that provides measurable results, we help in guiding our clients to outpace their competition time and time again.


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Tailored, In-person, Online, or Hybrid. No matter your need, Dale Carnegie helps you realize the full potential of a loyal, empowered, well-equipped team, armed with the skills and attitudes required to power high performance.

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Professional Training for Individuals

We also offers public courses that is available for individuals and groups. The focus is to improve your individual performance by builiding on skills like leadership, interpersonal relationship, presentation and public speaking, and sales. 

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Develop the skills to become a better, more confident, and more effective version of yourself

People Development Solutions



Powerful People Skills | Effective Communications and Team Collaborations


Inspiring Presenters | Engaging Corporate Presentations and Public Speaking Technique


Leaders Who Build | Employee Engagement through Leadership and Management


More Sales and Amazing Service | Consultative and Relationship Selling 


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