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Dale Carnegie Leadership Academy

This academy is designed to help individuals and organizations improve their leadership skills and achieve their business goals. Our courses cover a wide range of topics, including self-leadership, team collaboration, presentation skills, motivational leadership and management, relationship and consultative selling. With our expert instructors and facilitators, innovative training methods, and interactive learning environment, we provide practical skills and tools that can be customized to fit your unique needs.


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Whether you're a business looking to enhance your team's performance or an individual looking to advance your career, the Dale Carnegie Leadership Academy is the perfect choice for achieving success.


Why Dale Carnegie Training Leadership Academy?

  • Globally recognized leadership training provider
  • Proven and tested training programs
  • Quality training from ISO 9001 certified products and trainer development process
  • Ready-made programs for management trainees, high potential team members, and succession planning
  • Prestigious leadership certificate awarded upon completion of all the academy programs
  • Practical and experiential learning
  • Open programs for networking and experience sharing with participants from other companies and industries

Self Leadership and Collaboration

Mastering Interpersonal Skills in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Strengthen Trust | Gain Cooperation | Inspire Others

As technology and artificial intelligence continue to advance, an increasing number of tasks can be automated, resulting in significantly improved work efficiency, reduced costs, and increased profitability. However, this transformation also presents new challenges to certain professionals. Interpersonal skills become crucial.

You might wonder why interpersonal skills matter in the age of artificial intelligence. The answer is simple: even though computers can do a lot of things faster than we can, they can't replace human emotions, empathy, and creativity. These are essential qualities when it comes to building good relationships and solving complex problems.

Interpersonal skills can be defined as the ability to establish trust, communicate effectively, collaborate, and resolve conflicts, all of which contribute to establishing great relationships. Improving interpersonal skills can help business professionals better understand the needs and expectations of colleagues, clients, and partners, thereby increasing work efficiency, boosting productivity and enhancing trust. In addition, teamwork is even more essential in solving complex problems. When team members can leverage their respective expertise and skills, they are able to jointly create innovative solutions. Furthermore, effective teamwork can increase team members' morale and job satisfaction, making the entire team more cohesive.

Excellent interpersonal skills and teamwork are critical abilities in the era of artificial intelligence, assisting individuals in better adapting to the rapidly changing work environment, increasing work efficiency and productivity, and creating superior products and services, thereby increasing a company's competitiveness.



Dale Carnegie Course

Gain ways to project an enthusiastic attitude, communicate logically and clearly. Energize and engage listeners. Build trust and motivate people to act.

Fundamental Ideas

1. Replace fear with courage.

2. It's not about me, but it's up to me.

3. Build on strengths and start from where you are.

Learn How To

  • Communicate more confidently.
  • Build trust and persuade people to take action.
  • Project an enthusiastic attitude

Leadership Presence

Speak and Lead with Enthusiasm

Choose the Right Message | Engage Audiences | Model Leadership Agility

In today's competitive workplace, professionals must strive to stand out. Mastering public speaking skills is an effective way to gain a competitive edge by expressing ideas and opinions clearly and persuasively, thereby influencing others.

In this era of artificial intelligence, effective communication skills are increasingly crucial. Technological advancements have accelerated the flow and dissemination of information, necessitating more effective communication and information reception.

By practicing public speaking skills, you can improve your workplace performance. This enables you to speak confidently and professionally in presentations and meetings, enhancing your ability to communicate and coordinate teamwork, and enabling you to stand out from the crowd.



High Impact Presentations

Structure effective messages that will build credibility, enhance group interactions, and clearly convey your ideas. The environment is supportive. The work is intense. And the results are outstanding.

Fundamental Ideas

1. Making presentations is a form of public leadership. 

2. You can increase your ability to influence any audience to take action.

3. The presenter is the real message.

Learn How To

  • Persuade your audience using powerful evidence
  • Illustrate complex material directly and simply
  • Project confidence and enthusiasm that builds credibility

Organizational Leadership

Boosting Team Efficiency: Leadership, Collaboration, Motivation

Lead Yourself | Lead Teams | Lead Change

Great leaders possess more than just professional knowledge and skills. They also have the ability to lead, collaborate, and inspire. This is crucial for team development, enhancing work efficiency, and ultimately boosting company performance.

Continuously challenging oneselfs abilities and skills should be the goal of every successful person. However, to encourage every team member to constantly surpass themselves, effective guidance and encouragement are necessary. A good manager can not only help the team set clear goals but also provide necessary support and guidance so that team members can overcome difficulties, fully tap their potential, and achieve success.

To motivate team members, it is important to first understand their needs and motivations. A positive and proactive team requires everyone to be motivated, not just materially, but also mentally. Understanding the needs and motivations of team members, providing them with positive feedback and support, and helping them unleash their potential are essential to truly inspire team members.



Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing, Start Leading

Gain ways to project an enthusiastic attitude, communicate logically and clearly. Energize and engage listeners. Build trust and motivate people to act.

Leadership Competencies

1. Self-Aware

2. Accountability

3. Others-Focused

4. Strategic

Who Should Attend

Individuals who have been recently promoted into management or supervisory positions, high potential or top performing employees who are being considered for a leadership position.

Effective delegation is an essential management skill. By delegating tasks and responsibilities, leaders can provide opportunities for team members to grow and develop while maintaining accountability and ensuring successful outcomes. However, many struggle with delegation, often due to concerns about losing control, or a lack of clear expectations and guidance.

To become a good delegator, you must first understand the capabilities and interests of your team members and ensure that task and responsibility assignments are fair and balanced. This can help you choose the right people and delegate tasks appropriately, ultimately improving team efficiency and productivity. In addition, you need to establish an open and transparent communication environment that allows team members to provide feedback on progress and problems. This can help you address issues in a timely manner and provide the necessary support and resources to ensure successful task completion.

To achieve effective delegation, you need to provide clear rules and guidance and ensure that those who receive delegation see it as a step forward. Additionally, you need to establish follow-up procedures to maintain accountability. This can include regularly reporting on progress, holding meetings to discuss issues and performance, and providing necessary guidance and support.



Leadership Training for Results: Unleash Talent in Others

This program combines the crucially important hard skills and proven behaviors that leaders need, while also focusing on adopting the right attitudes required to be an engaging leader.

Leadership Competencies

1. Accountability

2. Others-Focused

3. Strategic

Who Should Attend

Leaders and middle managers who have experience and want to take the responsibility and performance of themselves and their teams to the next level to improve their results.

Dale Carnegie Training Hong Kong and Macau offers practical talent develop solutions, tailored to the unique needs of working professionals. Our expert facilitators provide interactive and engaging training sessions that will equip your team members with the skills they need to succeed.

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