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Digital Learning Experience Platform

Central to the modern blended learning experience is Dale Carnegie eVolve. The simple, elegant user interface integrates digital, live virtual, and live in-person training into a seamless blended learning solution.

Create and sustain performance change through social collaboration, interactive tools, and support from our world class trainers.

Want to better understand how Dale Carnegie eVolve can combine our proven content and unique training methodology to create transformations in your team or workforce?


Modern Blended Learning Experience - Elevated by eVolve

Microlearning & Embedded Sustainment

12 month subscription allows you to access Dale Carnegie’s time-tested methodology anywhere at any time to reinforce training or build new skills to meet the next challenge.

Social Collaboration & Community

Social Collaboration is a key element of the Dale Carnegie experience. Allowing individuals and teams grow through accountability, support, practice, and recognition.

Enhanced Coaching

The right coaching at the right time can increase performance. That’s why we’ve created more opportunities for coaching.

Trainer-Led Difference

Our focus has always been learning through doing, applying time-tested techniques for real-word and real-life results.

Delivering Results for Organizations

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Single sign on access to track progress, attend training, engage with your class, or review course material anywhere anytime.

Integrated assessments, customized dashboards, and easy-to-use reporting give leaders insight into team progress.

On-Demand and adaptive learning empowers employees to own their professional development and sustain their skills long-term.

The customizable platform allows employees a seamless branded experience for your organization’s employee development.

Engaging for Individuals

Experience your program, micro-learning, live coaching, and interactive social collaboration tools through a single sign-on.

Practice makes permanent with on-demand training before, during, and after your instructor-led training.

Awards, badges, and certifications make training fun and engaging.

Build confidence through collaboration with the support of your online classroom community.

Sustain your skills with year long access to the online platform.
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Explore Featured Courses Elevated by eVolve

Elevated by the eVolve learning platform, you will connect with trainers and peers before, during and after the course - unlocking digital content to maximize your learning journey. Experience a program then sustain and sharpen your skills with 12 months extended access.  Just look for the icon next to the program date and enroll!

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Dale Carnegie Course

Combining the best of instructor led training and on demand learning, you’ll discover how to form closer, more rewarding relationships built on trust and respect. Inspire others to take initiative and innovate. 

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Effective Communications & Human Relations

Start by building confidence in your communication skills, continue by finding ways to better manage stress and worry, and transform your abilities to connect with others.

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Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing, Start Leading

Learn about the challenges that new leaders face and build confidence with proven strategies and tools that are used by successful leaders.

Transforming Organizations Online

Whether you're searching for the re-skilling and upskilling your employees for the new workplace or for the strength to enact change in your organization, we offer proven tools to help your employees, teams, and leaders make an impact.

Live Online Overview

Creating a Transformational Live Online Experience

Topher Olsen, Live Online Testimonial

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Online Training

"This was awesome! My team will be better as a result. ”

Matthew Bevan
Manhattan Woods Golf Club

“Easy and smooth. The execution was 11 out of 10."

Josh Lewis

“Very good value, a lot of interaction. Absolutely wonderful."

Sharon Redden
Atlantic Central

About Dale Carnegie

For more than 100 years in over 90 countries and more than 30 languages, Dale Carnegie has taught the skills that have enabled millions of people to take control of their businesses, their careers, and their futures. Enhancing the leadership, communication, sales, and interpersonal skills of our customers lead to more confidence, effective communication, stronger team collaboration, and better personal and professional results.

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Digital Learning Experience Platform

Central to the modern blended learning experience is Dale Carnegie eVolve. The simple, elegant user interface integrates digital, live virtual, and live in-person training into a seamless blended learning solution.


Dale Carnegie All Access Live Online Subscription and Certificates for Your Employees

Upskill and reskill your workforce for the new normal. Develop resilient and agile teams to succeed in the face of new business models and modified workplaces - remote, in-person, and hybrid. 

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