Internal Conflict Resolution Guidebook

Benefit of this eBook

The ability to interact with people is even more important today with the pressures of our complex and fast-paced work environments. The book presents ideas for analysing conflict situations and resolution methods that foster cooperation. Discover how to interpret individual reactions to conflict, enabling them to understand and better manage emotions and needs.

What You’ll Learn

First, a comprehensive Conflict Reaction profile enables you to analyse your current approach to handling conflicts so you can pinpoint improvement areas. An assortment of practical conflict resolution strategies is provided. Armed with alternative ways to assuage contentious situations, you’ll lead a more cohesive team.

Why You Need It

Conflict in the workplace weakens morale, strains productivity, and burdens overall progress. Discord needs to be addressed head-on. When conflict becomes a major disruption or risk to relationships, it’s time to be the skillful peace-maker.

What You’ll Do With It

This booklet provides practical strategies for solving conflicts and changing attitudes and behaviors to minimise conflicts altogether. You’ll analyse conflict situations to determine the most appropriate resolution, and use the provided template to create an action plan.
Internal Conflict Resolution Guidebook
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