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To build on their skills, CamWest adapted Dale Carnegie’s foundational principles from the Dale Carnegie Course and Sales Advantage Course to focus on sales and human relations simultaneously. Dale Carnegie Training developed a sales manual and a series of customised training programs specific to their organisation and its culture

How They're Succeeding Now

As CamWest has continued to learn together, it has continued to grow together. The training established better channels of communication and improved the flow of ideas and information across the company, helping to unify the organisation and reinforce CamWest’s culture, vision and values


CamWest realised that aligning the independent sales agents with its vision and philosophy by training with onsite Project Managers would ultimately translate to better customer service and provide customers with an exceptional home buying experience.


Dale Carnegie Training’s flexible style and comprehensive training approach provided a solution that would allow CamWest to focus on both its sales and human relationship needs simultaneously. Bringing all the different departments of the organisation together helped solidify CamWest’s mission, vision and values.


Working together as a team allowed participants to develop a common language to communicate more seamlessly with customers and with each other. In the four years since training began, CamWest has grown at a rate of almost 15% annually. The influx of new talent has helped the company to grow the foundations of a solid team.

"I have always believed that our company could be even stronger by working together, focusing on our buyers and providing excellent service. That's why I continue to support ongoing training. The training we've done has been tremendously valuable and has contributed directly to the success of CamWest. It has definitely taken us to the next level."

CamWest - Carolyn Gladwell, Vice President for Marketing & Sales