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Leadership Training

Dale Carnegie Emerging Leaders Certificate Program


Congratulations! You’ve been promoted or hired into your first supervisory role! You worked hard, exceeded expectations, and earned the right to lead a team. You are excited about the opportunity to prove your ability to get things done! You are also a little nervous. You are learning that the skills and abilities that made you a great individual contributor are not the same skills and abilities that will make you a great leader. You have received training on policies, procedures, and your new responsibilities, but you still have questions: • How do I maintain positive relationships with the people who used to be my peers, but now report to me? • How do I tell someone they aren’t meeting expectations without causing resentment? • How can I give a report to senior leaders about the progress my team is making when I am terrified of speaking in public? The Dale Carnegie Emerging Leaders Certificate Program can help you overcome many of the challenges you are facing, and will face, as a new leader. This college accredited certificate program gives you the tools and methods you need to lead a team, plus helps you develop the skills and attitudes to put the tools into practice.


Step 1: Your Learning Journey begins with a one-to-one coaching session with a Dale Carnegie Success Consultant. Your Success Consultant will work with you throughout the entire process, answering your questions, helping you prepare, and keeping you motivated! In the initial coaching session, you will discuss the challenges you are facing in your current role, set preliminary goals, and develop a plan for your Learning Journey. We call this the “Awareness” stage because we help you become more aware of your current situation, your desired outcomes, and a plan to achieve those outcomes. Step 2: Your first Dale Carnegie “Experience” is the world-famous Dale Carnegie Course: “Skills for Success.” This program, which was the inspiration for the best-selling book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” will help you establish a solid foundation on which future programs will build. The “Skills for Success” are: • Self-Confidence As an individual contributor, you demonstrated your ability to meet and exceed the expectations of the job. Now, the expectations have changed, and you might not have that same level of confidence. This program will help you realize your hidden talents and abilities, push you from your comfort zone, and realize your full potential. • People Skills Now that you are a leader, you must work with others to achieve team goals. You might have authority, you might not. Regardless, a successful leader is one who can gain cooperation from others through trust and mutual respect. • Communication Skills In this program you will learn simple and effective processes to express your ideas with clarity, confidence and credibility. More importantly, you will learn to listen to understand. • Attitude Control/Stress Management As a leader, your patience will be tested. The decisions you make will have greater consequences. The problems you face will be more complicated. Everyone will be watching to see how you respond. This program will help you establish time-tested strategies to deal with stressful situations with confidence and laser-focus. • Leadership Think about great leaders that you have worked with, met, or even read about. How many of them demonstrate the skills listed above? The simple truth is that great leaders motivate and inspire people to accomplish great things, not through authority, but through confidence, relationships, powerful communication and a positive attitude. Step 3: Your Learning Journey continues with “Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing. Start Leading.” This program was designed with you in mind! Building on the solid foundation of “Skills for Success,” this program focuses on the specific skills you will require to be a successful leader. In three action-packed days, you will learn about: • The mindset of a team leader vs. the mindset of team member • The role of “Integrity” in leadership • How to motivate others to accomplish results • How to assign tasks that set the other person up to succeed • Hold others accountable • Understand the 4 types of followers • Communicate with credibility • Provide authentic feedback • Build positive, professional relationship based on trust and respect • Coaching performance deviations • Identify Leadership ‘blindspots’ • Maintaining a professional attitude in stressful situations • Listen to understand • Develop the skills of others • And much more… Your Success Consultant will work with you prior to, and throughout this program to help you identify, clarify, and achieve your breakthrough goals! Step 4: As you and your team begin to achieve success, senior leadership will start to notice! They may identify you as someone with high potential. They may begin to prepare you for the next level of leadership in your organization. They may invite you to report on your achievements and share best practices. When this happens, you will want to be prepared to deliver a presentation with confidence, clarity and credibility. The final requirement for your certificate is “High Impact Presentations.” This 2-day, intensive program will help you deliver presentations with power and conviction. We will help you push through your comfort zone and stand apart from your peers. In 2 days, you will prepare and deliver seven presentations, ranging from a simple introduction to presenting complex information and selling innovative ideas. During each presentation, you will receive coaching to help you present with greater impact! After each presentation you will watch a video recording of yourself and receive personalized one-to-one feedback from a second trainer. Your Success Consultant will meet with you before and after this program to establish goals for your continued success! Your Consultant will also schedule a special presentation of your framed Certificate!


Your transition from individual contributor to a leader of people was significant. Senior leadership will be watching you to see what you do with the opportunity. You spent years developing the knowledge and skills that made you great in your previous role, but you were probably thrust into leadership over the course of a few days. The sooner you develop the skills required to be a successful leader of people, the smoother your transition will be!


Organizations today are always looking for the next generation of leaders. In many cases, they will identify potential candidates for a position months, or years before the position is available. As they work through their succession planning, you want your name to be top of mind. To make this happen, you must: • Achieve measurable success for your team or department • Be well-respected by your direct reports and peers • Communicate with confidence and clarity • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a leader! With the skills you have developed through the Emerging Leaders Certificate program, it’s only a matter of time until you are promoted to a position of even greater responsibility. At that point you will be ready for the “Organizational Leadership” certificate. Complete one more program, “Leadership Training for Results: Unleash the Power in Others” and receive a second certificate!

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