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Michael MacAngus

Managing Partner & Director of Sales

Michael has been with Dale Carnegie for 12 years, starting in Admin moved to customer service, then sales, then trainer and now owner.  Before Dale Carnegie, Michael played hockey in the WHL and then with the Golden Bears.  Doing summer jobs in men's clothing, grocery store clerk, construction and landscaping. Michael has an undergrad in Physical Education specializing in Coaching from the U of A.  He is a certified Dale Carnegie trainer in the Dale Carnegie Course, Sales Training and producer. 

Michael enjoys that Dale Carnegie allows him to see things click for clients that change what they do and gets them to the next level. 

Michael has 3 young kids at home and has the benefit of spending his spare time going to sports and other activities with them.  He loves taking them to the playground and watching movies with his family.  Michael and his wife enjoy watching reality TV. Survivor and Big Brother usually top the list.  

Michael's parent took the Dale Carnegie Course in the early 80s and made it their career for over 40 years helping people achieve breakthroughs in their lives.  Michael finds it very inspiring to be able to have watched what they have done and continue that legacy on to another generation. 

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