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Erin MacAngus-Marshall

Managing Partner & Director of Training 

Erin has worked for Dale Carnegie for most of her adult life. Starting over 17 years ago she has worked from administration to customer service and sales and for the last 10 years has been slowly turning her focus to training and managing the operations of the organization.  In 2018, Erin was able to become part of the ownership team and take on the additional role of Managing Partner! Erin has felt privileged to work with many companies from Senior's housing corporation to construction and manufacturing companies as well as small business owners! In the past Erin was able to use her coaching and development skills to work with youth in through coaching artistic swimming.

Anyone who has worked with Erin in the training room knows that she is a self-professed Dale Carnegie Nerd. Erin loves the history; how everything we do is deeply rooted in understanding people.  There are no tips or tricks - just stepping back, taking a moment, and trying to see things from the other person's point of view! Not a session goes by where Erin doesn't learn something new and she finds that truly exciting! Erin has been certified by Dale Carnegie Training in all 4 Core Programs as well as a Senior Dale Carnegie Trainer. 

Erin's evenings and weekends are typically spent trying to keep up with her two kids. Her family loves going on "adventures" and finding new things to explore.  If she is not out and about they are spending time with their extended family, getting in as much time as they can while the kids are young!

Erin is inspired by people! -the world is full of interesting courageous people. Dale Carnegie said of our trainers "If we can inspire adults to a realization of their own unsuspected powers, we shall not have lived in vain". Erin believe this with her whole being. People have so many strengths, and it is up to us to take the time to see those strengths!

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