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Managing Workplace Stress

Do something about the destructive forces of stress in the workplace.
In this course, we examine how our work habits add to our stress levels and find ways to make changes for the better.

Learn to assess your current reactions to stress so that you can stop worrying and start working to your full potential. By committing to new work habits, you can become more productive and less stressed at work. You will get a greater sense of achievement as you gain more control over time management, organizational skills and your attitude.  

Recognize work habits that add to your stress.
Plan to change and improve your work routine.
Commit to principles for more productive work habits. 
Who should attend?

Individuals who are looking for ways to have more satisfaction in their work and life.

The standard duration of this course is 3 hours.
3 Hours

What You’ll Learn

The list of stress factors in today’s world grows longer every day. People react differently to living in this pressure cooker. Some become aggressive while others become passive or just shut down altogether. Regardless of the reaction, the results are the same – personal and organizational productivity grind to a halt, creativity dies, and momentum vanishes.

In this course, we will discuss the various sources of workplace stress, our reactions to these situations, and what we can do to change our habits to manage stress more effectively. We will focus on three key areas:

  • Time
  • Organization
  • Attitude Control

In each area, you will be presented with a number of tools and techniques to take more control and reduce stress levels.  Along with developing a plan for yourself, you will be motivated to make commitments to develop new habits.

With a solid understanding of the causes of stress and how to combat it, you can influence your attitude and strengthen the behaviors that will help you achieve your desired results.

Expect Thoroughly Trained Trainers: Dale Carnegie trainers are highly vetted and undergo intense training that is ISO9002 certified to achieve consistent results globally. While part of a global organization, they are connected to your local culture, customs and language. As a bonus, all Dale Carnegie Trainers have “walked the talk” in their efforts to achieve work/life balance and reduce their stress levels.

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Why You Want To Learn It

It is time to do something about the destructive forces of stress in our life!

For most people, it is hard to separate work life and personal life. Stress at work can cause stress at home, and conversely, stress at home can cause stress at work. Our work lives can take over and it is important to find satisfaction in many areas of our life. By focusing on a more holistic approach to life areas that can help achieve more work / life balance, stress can be put into perspective. This course wraps up with an activity to do just that. 

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How It Will Help You

You will be more equipped to face the inevitable challenges and stress in your work and in your life.

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  • Stress Management: Differentiates between dynamic tension and negative stress, and maintains productive behaviors in difficult situations.
  • Attitude: Maintains a friendly, positive, and enthusiastic outlook.
  • External Awareness: Sees things from different points of view and recognizes the impact that actions have on others. Keeps up-to-date with issues and trends that affect areas of responsibility.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Consistently builds strong, long-term relationships both inside and outside the organization.
  • Results-Oriented: Passionate about accomplishments and dedicated to achieving goals and solving problems.
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Supplemental Resources

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Dale Carnegie Methodology

The Dale Carnegie® methodology is time-tested with thousands of testimonials attesting that it works. From the very start, on an individual level, you will set stretch goals and with the support of the social learning environment, the ‘in-the-moment’ coaching by the highly trained facilitator(s), the accountability to commitments, progress will be visible to yourself and others. In the Dale Carnegie® methodology, we focus on building strengths to overpower our weaknesses. We believe that everyone has inherent greatness, and it simply needs to be identified and nurtured.

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