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Steve Thomas

Executive Consultant, Regional VP, Trainer

Steve is passionate about adding value to others through coaching and mentoring, he is excited about the opportunity to impact the quality of life for others starting with their workplace performance. He brings 15+ years of leadership experience in the non-profit sector along with eight years of finance experience working for Citigroup.

Steve has recently graduated with high distinction obtaining a Masters Degree in Human Services Counseling with an Executive Leadership concentration from Liberty University. Having participated in multiple Dale Carnegie seminars (including the Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar, Leadership Training for Managers and High Impact Presentations), he has seen both the professional <em>and </em>personal value of the courses. Described by a Dale Carnegie Master Trainer* as “extremely supportive, coupled with authenticity” and a “true leader”, Steve recognizes that ongoing education at Dale Carnegie has been invaluable in consulting with various individual clients and organizations.

Originally a New York City native, Steve recently moved to California from Tampa, FL. He enjoys travel (visited 10+ countries around the world), reading at a local coffee shop, volunteering and spending time with family.


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