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Sam Mattioli

Carnegie Master Trainer

Sam is the founder of Graystone Corporation which has delivered consulting services across 7 different countries. Sam’s forte is being able to identify performance issues of companies and individuals, then through training, course design, development and delivery resolve them.

As a leader, Sam has an international history of success with Tyco Fire and Security/ADT.  He has trained candidates from many Fortune 500 companies such as Northrop Grumman, Kimberly-Clark, PG& E Corp, CBRE Group, Reliance Steel & Aluminum, and Boston Scientific.  As a Sales person, Manager and National Training Manager, Sam is known as a Performance Management architect.  He has created sales and leadership initiatives that have led to record numbers in growth as well as managed projects such as creating Corporate Universities both here and in the UK.  Sam’s success has generated over 2 million in sales in one quarter and increased company stock value by over 200% in one year through innovative company programs.

Over his career, Sam has designed and delivered more than 100 widely-recognized training programs internationally, including: Performance Based Instruction, Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management, D.I.S.C assessment, Myers Briggs, Resilience Testing, SPIN Selling and Situational Leadership, to name a few.

Sam has an international degree, MSc. in Performance Management and is a teacher at the University of Leicester U.K. and Cambridge College, Boston USA.



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