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Mandi Morgan

Executive Consultant, Regional VP

Mandi joins Dale Carnegie after an extensive career in finance with some of California’s most recognized lenders. Working in her previous position as an Associate VP of Auto Lending for a major Orange County credit union,  she played a pivotal role launching, building and growing an entirely new auto lending division—creating best practices, processes, procedures, lending  guidelines, and strategic business development partnerships.

Preparing for the next level in her career, Mandi enrolled at Concordia University, Irvine to build her resume with an Academic Certificate in Executive Leadership and Management, which combines targeted Dale Carnegie courses with upper division business courses. After experiencing, personally, the relevant, real world, result producing skill-sets the program develops, she had a significant paradigm shift and began to explore the vast potential of joining Dale Carnegie.

Mandi’s prior experience in a highly competitive industry brings a solid foundational understanding of the value of not only being technically proficient, but also being able to thrive competitively in the market by building complete, interactive, healthy teams, combined with continued individual development.

Mandi places a lot of value on her family and serving the community through her church, where she is actively involved in the Children’s Ministry and Missions program. She recently completed a missionary trip to Guatemala that involved being on a team that provided educational seminars and built homes from the ground up for homeless families. She finds her greatest joy in building her marriage and raising their son to be a champion of life. She says, “Family is always first–always.”


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