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Keree James

Dale Carnegie Trainer

Keree is a dynamic and innovative educator and entrepreneur with a deep background in Human Relations and Communication.   Her enduring passion is working with others to help them reach “a-ha” moments that precipitate personal breakthroughs.  One recent example involved coaching a troubled business executive through a communications breakdown with a close family member, leading to greatly reduced anxiety and a healthier outlook on the future of the relationship.

Keree’s background in teaching English in the public education system, combined with coaching activities and sports helped develop her talent for identifying key strengths and opportunities for improvement.  Co-founding Learning to Learn OC, a cognitive educational therapy business, she enhanced her ability to work with others and grew her strengths to benefit a broad range of adult and young learners.
As Founder of “The Living History Project,” a major research effort for young people in Southern California to interview local veterans and memorialize their service stories, Keree pioneered a generational linkage of gratitude and healing within thousands of community families.

Keree loves spending time with her loving family, enjoys music and theatre, but especially enjoys musical theatre.  She is a season ticket holder at Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts.   She is multi-course certified and continues to add programs to her Dale Carnegie portfolio.

Keree holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a Minor in Education from the University of California, Irvine and a Master’s degree in Education and teaching credential from National University.


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