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At Dale Carnegie, we believe everyone has inherent greatness. We help you master confidence, communication and the leadership skills to accelerate your career growth.

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  • Curriculum in People Skills, Leadership, Presentation, Sales & Service and Org Development
  • Programs from 90 Minutes to 24 Hrs. (time-phased)
  • Learning Experience platform with robust complimentary resources



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EQs Role in Hospitality & Lodging

Accelerate Your Growth by Elevating Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is essential for leaders in the hospitality industry as it directly influences guest satisfaction, employee engagement, and overall business success. Leaders with a high EQ can anticipate guest needs, resolve conflicts effectively, and foster a positive work environment. They communicate clearly, manage stress well, and inspire their teams to deliver exceptional service. Ultimately, EQ enhances the guest experience, boosts employee engagement, and contributes to the organization's reputation and profitability.

Whether you choose the Dale Carnegie Course which focuses on emotional and social intelligence skills or other skill-based curriculum Dale Carnegie has options to help you accelerate your personal and professional growth.


Dale Carnegie Partners with NHLA


Dale Carnegie has been a proud member and education partner of the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association for over a decade. From eductional events like the annual Women In Lodging Conference, to recognizing the best of the best at The Stars of the Industry, we appreciate the opportunity to support Nevada's greatest industry, hospitality and lodging!


Tuition Assistance Programs

Our programs are covered by most employer Tuition Assistance Programs!


Dale Carnegie, through its ACCET Accreditation, is a post-secondary level accredited institute, listed on The Database of Accredited Post Secondary Institutions and Programs (DAPIP).


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