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A rich history and a proven, innovative process has connected Dale Carnegie training to people around the world seeking real transformation and impactful results.

We provide training solutions to the leading businesses in the area

For over a century, Dale Carnegie has been improving individual and business performance around the world. While our training techniques continue to evolve, our core principles remain true to a single vision: real transformation begins within. Our multistep process is designed to get to the heart of what your organization needs. Centered on workforce training that provides measureable results, we help in guiding our clients to outpace their competition time and time again.

Diane Beliveau

Certified Trainer & Consultant

Kristin Blain


Jennifer Cassidy

Certified Trainer

Ed Cropper


Carla Doyle

Managing Partner

Sunita Gill

Partner & Consultant

Darryl Glick

Master Trainer & Consultant

Andrew Klick


Colleen Oszustowicz

Certified Trainer

Dan Parsons

Certified Trainer

Katherine Parsons

Marketing Manager

John Purcell

Certified Trainer

Christie Shindel

Office Administrator

Michelle Smith

Finance Manager

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