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Raquel Armendariz

VP of Client Experience

Raquel started with Dale Carnegie in 2006 as a trainer in Juarez, Mexico. Raquel had the opportunity to work with local and international organizations giving her the knowledge and experience she needed to be transferred to Tennessee.

She moved to the Nashville area in November 2014 and continued to train for Dale Carnegie for 5 years. She recently moved to the Atlanta area and was promoted to VP of Client Experience, serving Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

As a certified Senior Trainer, Raquel’s enthusiasm and expertise helps organizations to reach and exceed their expectations. She is passionate about coaching senior leaders to unleash their full potential while they empower the people on their teams to not only change their performance but also their lives. Her expertise as an Electrical Engineer and her experience working with different departments in the manufacturing industry allows her to identify different coaching styles according to the needs of her customers.

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