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Kseniya Lobanova

Account Manager

Kseniay has been with Dale Carnegie Training since 2023.She is a neweer  team member of our Dale Carnegie Team with a background in the luxury industry, where she spent over six years representing well-known brands and focusing on customer service.  In the past two years, Kesniya has transitioned into digital marketing and self-development, gaining a fresh perspective and a strong interest in digital strategies.  She is excited to contribute her experiences and continue to learn as part of the Dale Carnegie team.

Alongisde Kseniya's special makeup effects certificate for the TV and film industry, she has also earned several digial maketing certificates.  These accomplishments have not only equipped her with a unique blend of skills but also allows her to adapt and excel in different professional domains.  It has been a reqarding journey of continuous learning and self-development for Kseniya.

In her spare time Kseniya enjoys reading, doing yoga and meditating, which helps her find inner peace.  She also loves moments with her partner and adorable dog!

Kseniay is truly inspired by the opportunity to contirbute to a better world and a better socitey.  She believes that making a positive impact on the world and the people around us adds a deeper layer of meaning to life.  It is the driving force that motivates and guides her actions.

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