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Jacqueline Vaughan

Sales Team Coach; Trainer

Jacqueline joined Dale Carnegie in May 2018 after graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a Major in Business Administration and Minors in Finance and Dance. The Dale Carnegie Course was a requirement for her degree and had a profound impact on her life, which is what brought her to our team!

She currently wears three different hats in the organization. First, she is a Senior Account Manager helping her current clients tackle issues such as turnover, employee engagement, succession planning, and slim profit margins. Second, she is our Sales Coach and is responsible for hiring and training new sales employees through her self-designed 1-year onboarding program. Third, she is a certified Trainer and is certified to instruct 3 of our 4 core: Dale Carnegie Course, Develop Your Leadership Potential, and Leadership Training for Results.

Her all-time favorite Dale Carnegie principle is #17: “Try honestly to see things from the other person's point of view.”




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