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Jéssika Santiago

Senior Trainer

Jéssika Santiago has been a Trainer for Dale Carnegie since 2017. As a Brazilian, she was one of the first Dale Carnegie trainers to engage with online delivery in her country. In 2021, she was recognized with the Highest Achievement for Online Training Award, for having the best online delivery customer evaluations worldwide.

Jéssika is a Certified Senior Trainer for both in-person and live-online programs. She has been working internationally since 2020 and has facilitated programs for teams in the US, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil. Canada, Mexico, among others. Her experience in training includes topics such as human relations, customer experience, leadership, presentation skills, time management, process improvement, communications, and stress management. As for the customers, she has already worked with multiple industries including healthcare, insurance, technology, retail, and pharmaceutical.

Jéssika has her BS in International Relations, has spent some time living in France and has a solid international professional and personal network, which allows her to easily navigate multi-cultural teams.



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