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Andy Zinsmeister

Director of Sales

Andy has been with the Central & Southern New Jersey team since 2014. Since January of 2021, he has been leading the sales team.

Prior to his employment with Dale Carnegie, Andy first experienced Dale Carnegie Training as a student in the Generation.Next program. He went on to coach for the program and helped drive the youth leadership business for the Central & Southern NJ team. As a fulltime Training Consultant, Andy has received Global Sales Award for being a top performing Rookie, Corporate Training Consultant, and Digital Sales Solutions Excellence. 

Andy is passionate about building confidence in other through the development of their communication skills. His experience working with emerging college graduates to executives of Fortune 500 companies drives his belief that everyone, regardless of industry or responsibility, can effect positive change in their environment through increased confidence and influential communication. Andy's mission with his clients is to help organizations thrive through the development and empowerment of employees. 

Andy has an AS in Business Administration from Mercer County Community College, is earning his BS in General Management from Thomas Edison State University and has a graduate certificate in Organizational Leadership from the University of Central Missouri. He is also a Certified Trainer of the Dale Carnegie Course and a Certified Digital Producer. 

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