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People Skills
People Skills

Win Friends and Influence People: Secrets of Success

An On Demand Video-Based Learning Program
Price: $400 USD per person | 1 year access from date of purchase

This brand new On Demand video training program will review all of Dale Carnegie's time-tested principles.

Learn at your own convenience. Get access for 1 year to a cutting edge course taught in video segments by four dynamic Dale Carnegie Certified Trainers. The full program is over 2.5 hours in length, and is composed of 4 courses which are further broken up into 36 short lessons. Learn Dale Carnegie's 30 principles on the best way to Win Friends and Influence People. Ample stories and examples will be provided to make each principle clear, and advice will be shared on how to put these principles in practice every day. A 60-page guidebook is also provided with additional information and ample exercises to help you apply the principles immediately in your own life.

What You’ll Learn

This on demand training program will review all of Dale Carnegie’s time-tested principles. Influence co-workers, win people to your way of thinking, sell your ideas, build better relationships and establish a tool kit which will allow you to succeed in today’s workplace.

Why you want to learn it

To get things done you must rely on others. Your ability to succeed and provide value in today’s workplace requires that you have the right people skills. No matter your role in an organization having a mindful approach to communicating and dealing with people will increase your ability to get the best results.

How it will help you

“How to Win Friends & Influence People” has sold over 30 Million copies.  In 2020, it was number 8 on the list of “Top Checkouts of all Time” by the New York Public Library. Millions more have experienced the power of the Dale Carnegie Course. These people will tell you that the human relations principles helped to change their outlook - transforming relationships, enhancing their leadership and allowing them to better connect with others at work and at home.

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1 year access from date of purchase

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